PK Salon’s stylists and colorists provide the following services for women, men, and children:Goldwell Hairstyling PK Salon, Stratford Ct

  • The Latest Cuts and Styles
  • Perms
  • Deva Curls Techniques
  • Keratin Treatment
  • Body Waves
  • Colors
  • Highlights
  • Conditioning Treatments
  • Waxing
  • Wedding Party Updos
  • Prom Styles
  • Solutions for Thinning Hair
  • … and other Special Event Styling

Services for Men

Mens Hairstyling PK Salon, Stratford Ct

  • The Latest Cuts and Styles
  • Grey Blending – 5 minutes !!!
  • Colors
  • Highlights
  • Waxing

Some Notes About Our Services:

  • Haircut:   Personalized to your texture and style for women and men.
  • Hairstyle Signature Blowout:  Relaxing shampoo scalp massage and blow dry styling or even hair set with rollers.
  • Body Waves/Perm:  Creates volume and texture for your personal styling.
  • Beach Waves:  Creates style and movement.
  • Glam Curls:  Creates tousled volume with movement.
  • Color  Grey: Coverage with shine and vitality, color change from darker to lighter or lighter to darker. Color change with different tones and hues.
  • Highlight  Goldwell Color:  Dimensional Blondes, Radiant Reds, Rich Caramels, Glossy Auburn, Warm Copper.
  • Lowlights:   Return to your natural color with shine and strength to your hair.
  • Color Toning or Balancing: Restore the correct shade.
  • Color Correction
  • Men’s Color: Grey blending, highlights or trendy colors.
  • Keratin Smoothing Service:   Change your hair texture from frizzy, puffy, unruly to sleek and sexy .
  • Keratin Treatment:  Paul Mitchell deep conditioning treatment .
  • Waxing: Eyebrows, Lip, Neck, Sideburns, Chin.
  • Braids:  Incorporated in up styling for special occasions.
  • Bridal Hairstyle: Flattering styles for your special day, for you and your wedding party.
  • Beard/Moustache:  Added service with your haircut, to trim and shape.
  • Scalp Treatment/ Deep Conditioning Treatment: restore the health of your scalp and hair.
  • Evolve Volumizer -The EVOLVE Volumizer is integrated at 38 potential reinforced fixing points, to add durability to the life of the Volumizer, and add simplicity to the installation when installed by a skilled Evolve Certified Stylist.
  • Evolve Extensions – EVOLVE EXTENSIONS+ are installed in less than one hour with no tape, no glue or adhesives and no heat. And, there is no prep work or adhesive removal when reinstalling.
  • Evolve Lollipops – Lollipops take less than 5 minutes to install and be cut to blend in with any length of hair. Unlike hair color there is no damage, fading, or bleeding of color. Lollipop’s are non-invasive, non-damaging, use no chemicals, glues, or adhesives, and no heat is required.
    Colors include: Burgundy, Hot Pink, Purple, Green, White, Pink, Dark Blue, Violet, and Red.