“Pabs approaches her craft with great knowledge and skill and makes it her mission to deliver caring personalized service to each and every customer. Her skilled hands, great warmth and honesty, awesome products, and inviting impeccable salon, make for a wonderful, transformative,  MUST return experience.”

… Desiree

“I have been coming to PK Salon for over 10 years and I wouldn’t even think of going elsewhere. I have moved from Stratford to Norwalk since I first started coming here and I still continue to come all the way here! Pabs has done a great job with my hair every time I come in. I have curly hair, so it was hard for me to find someone that really knows how to cut my hair so I could style it the way I wanted. I trust Pabs completely and know she would never steer me wrong while choosing a hair color or cut that I may want. She is very honest and helpful and really takes the time to make sure the color you are choosing is a good one for you. I have never walked out of the salon regretting the color choice. I have also recently gotten the Kenra Smooth treatment. My hair is curly and frizzy and at times unruly. I asked Pabs about the Keratin treatment that I have had before and she suggested this brand. I had the treatment done in early November and still to this day it’s like I just got it done. I dry my hair in less than 10 minutes and it’s so easy to style. My hair looks so healthy and I have been getting lots of compliments! I always hear horror stories from my friends about how they are always unhappy with their hair stylists and I can honestly say I would never go anywhere else. Pabs and Rita are always so nice and welcoming and it just makes the experience of coming to PK Salon that much better!”

… Kristin Peterson

“I first started going to PK Salon in the 1990s. I heard about how great Pabs is, so I was eager to give her a try. I have never regretted it. I was happy and more than satisfied with Pabs’s services, so when I moved out of state for eight years, I missed her every time I got a (less-than-stellar) haircut. I especially missed her when I got a disastrous highlight job. What they say is true: Just because a person can cut hair doesn’t mean he/she can do color. It takes training, expertise, and experience, all of which Pabs has. When I returned to CT in 2009, one of the first things I did was return to PK Salon and Pabs. I love the salon for several reasons. First, I’m very picky about my hair, mostly because I’ve had bad experiences with other stylists who either didn’t listen to what I wanted in terms of style/color, or just didn’t care about what I wanted. They gave me what they liked, or whatever cut/style was in fashion at the time. Anyone who’s had this happen to them knows how frustrating it is. Pabs is completely different. Before she even picks up the scissors, she sits you down and asks you to share your thoughts on what you want for your hair. She asks about your lifestyle, too, to make sure that your hairstyle will work for you. One of the things that’s important to me is a low-maintenance hairstyle, and Pabs is always mindful of this. She listens carefully and then explains exactly what she’s doing and what effect a certain cut will have on my appearance. Second, when it comes to my color, Pabs is again second-to-none. She has excellent instincts for what will make me look my best. She considers my virgin color and then chooses highlight colors that will complement my skin tone and eye color, so that when the process is completed, I still look like myself, but a better version of myself. Third, Pabs takes detailed notes after each visit so she can refer back to my history to help us make future decisions. Another reason I love the salon is because Pabs treats all her customers like they’re royalty. She greets you like you’re her best friend, offers a beverage during your visit, and actually massages your head during shampooing, which feels indescribably wonderful and relaxing. In fact, the entire salon has an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and harmony. It’s also so clean, you could eat lunch off the floor. Finally, Pabs makes you feel like a valued customer, and she truly appreciates your business. I wouldn’t dream of going to another salon, and I hope Pabs never retires because she’s absolutely irreplaceable and I adore her.”

Sarah, Shelton CT

My Keratin Experience

“I want to start by saying thank you to Pabs and Rita for taking your time to do this for me. It was a phenomenal experience. The treatment made my hair feel and look like it did when I was in my 20’s. I have no frizz and my hair has a healthy shine and has stayed straight the entire time. There is little to no maintenance to keep up and style my hair. This treatment brought back life to my hair. During the process, I distinctly remember that there were no chemical smells and no uncomfortable tingling to my scalp like with other hair straightening and relaxing treatments. I would honestly recommend this treatment as a gift for anyone who has a busy lifestyle and doesn’t always have the time to straighten and style their hair. It’s been almost three months and my hair still looks like I just went to PK Salon and had this treatment done. When the time comes I will definitely be back to have the Keratin treatment done again. Thanks again ladies for a wonderful experience!”

… Sandy Castellucci

“My experience at PK Salon was very pleasant.When arriving I was greeted by a lovely receptionist who offered me a beverage while waiting and also offered me several styling books to go through to help me decide what type of haircut I wanted. The atmosphere in theHairstyling PK Salon, Stratford Ct salon is warm and inviting and all of the staff is very friendly which makes for a very nice experience. I showed the stylist a picture of a cut I liked but with a few variations from the picture and I am thrilled with my haircut, not only did I get a “great” haircut that has been easy to work with; the stylist was most informative on what products to use, how to apply them and how to style my new cut. She really listened to what I wanted and actually did it! The salon also carries the latest and best lines of styling products. I have been to many salons through the years in Fairfield, Westport, etc. and this was one of the best experiences I have had. I would recommend it to anyone!”  … Laura G

“I have been a client of Pabs’ since the early ’90’s. Even though I have recently moved out of Stratford and I spend the winters in Florida, I return to PK Salon when I’m here because nobody does my hair as well as Pabs. She is the best ! ”  … Louise

Hairstyling PK Salon, Stratford Ct

“I have been going to Pabs since the later 1980’s, she is always pleasant and she listens to what you want done to your hair.  I have never had a bad experience at all.  Whether it be a haircut or perm or color of which I have tried many different ones through the years, everything always comes out very good.  Pabs takes her time and really does a fantastic job!  My hats off to Pabs!!!!!!!!  The whole staff is great and very pleasant!.” … Nancy

I highly recommend PK Salon to all of my friends.  Pabs and her staff at the salon are friendly, courteous, and professional.” … Andrea

“I had the full keratin treatment and it is worth every penny spent.  My hair is extremely curly with lots of unmanageable frizz. The frizz is gone and my hair is extremely manageable with a hint of curl.” … Diane